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Every player starts the season with 70 yards. The player with the most yards at the end of the season wins.

  • 1 Blue Football worth 20 Yards
  • 2 Green Footballs worth 10 Yards each
  • 4 Yellow Footballs worth 5 Yards each
  • 10 White Footballs worth 1 Yard each

Every week, beginning on Wednesday, you choose 2, 3 or 4 games to throw a football on. If you throw a blue ball, for example, on a team and that team wins, you earn another blue ball and the 20 yards that comes with it. If you lose, you lose the ball and the 20 yards that you already had. If it ends in a tie, you simply get the ball back. You MUST LOCK IN YOUR PICKS no less than 15 minutes before the start of the EARLIEST game that you choose to play.

If you are not locked in by 12:45 on Sunday you will be penalized. We take your two lowest value balls, so make sure to pick 2-4 games and LOCK IN.

Once per week you can exchange footballs. A blue can become two greens or 5 whites can become a yellow, etc.

The 2 Red Scramble balls that everyone begins with are special. They improve your odds of winning by 10 points in each’s all spelled out in the schedule. If you win, you get a green ball and the 10 points/yards. If you lose it’s gone for good, and if you tie you get to play it again in a future week.

More about the Game…

  • Follow the Live Scoring tab to get updates and scores as the games are played.

Winners of contests and give-aways that end in a tie are selected at random.