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We believe that there are two main reasons that people watch professional and college sports. The first is the exhilaration that comes from watching a favorite team on the field, court, ice, etc. When they score that home run that puts them ahead on the scoreboard or dive over the pile of defenders and roll into the end zone; it’s that jump off the couch feeling for the fans that makes watching the games so much fun.

There's also the social aspect. We watch sports because we love to talk about them afterwards with our friends and family. We enjoy sending the text message…”OMG, did you see that goal????” and look forward to our lunches at work when we can discuss how much the refs affected the game...again! We just love to talk about the games... It creates and broadens friendships. It facilitates small levels of competition between fans of rival teams, provides us with jokes and even gives us the occasional tool for flirting.

There are other reasons that we watch the games, but at Double Drive Sports we believe that those are the two most important, and we set out to create a platform to help every fan, be it a die hard sports fan or an ancillary observer, to magnify those two experiences all the more.

We only design and develop games that are simple, social, strategic and original - we only have and will only design new games, and we are proud to call these games our own. We spend an enormous amount of time designing the games so that the subtle characteristics of what you like about the underlying sport exists with the Double Drive Sports game. Every game will have strategy elements to it, but will also be simple to play. We want everyone to enjoy our games. Every game is designed to increase the viewership of the fans as we introduce new fans to sports and capture why those sports are so much fun. And, most importantly, every game is meant to be social. When you play the games on the Double Drive Sports platform, you will find yourself trash talking with the other players, laughing and making new friendships while enhancing existing ones. And all while, clenching the couch cushion as the clock ticks down and the next play determines if you win or lose.

Please visit Double Drive Sports often and enjoy the games. We know you will love them.