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Top 25 College Teams from 2017 - Where Are They Now?

With school starting right around the corner, college football's top teams are preparing for the challenges and obstacles they may have to face in the 2018 season.

NCAA Top 25 College Football Teams (2017):

  1.  Alabama
    • On Tuesday July 24th, Alabama head coach Nick Saban stated to ESPN, “We lost a lot of good defensive players, and we won a lot of games at Alabama because of the defense we played. We only gave up (11.9) points a game last year, so that’s pretty amazing in this day and age in college football.”  Of Alabama’s defensive lineup, eight members were drafted in the 2018 NFL Draft including three first-round picks.
  2. Georgia
    • Georgia’s newest recruit, Travon Walker, proves to be a great addition to the team as a defensive lineman. Walker chose to attend UGA over Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, and South Carolina on July 24th.  This 6-foot-5 272-pound player should not be overlooked in the upcoming season and could make a real difference for Georgia’s defense as a whole.
  3. Oklahoma
    • Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield was selected as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft and is officially a member of the Cleveland Browns. The team agreed upon a 4-year contract with this star quarterback.  Over the course of his contract, Mayfield is guaranteed to receive $32.7 million with a $21.9 million signing bonus.  Oklahoma helped train a truly great player, and who’s to say they won’t do it again!
  4. Clemson
    • A preseason scandal has risen up to make an uproar through social media and news outlets with one of the Clemson football players. The team was set to have a preseason breast cancer fundraiser at the Dabo Swinney Ladies Clinic that ended up turning into a viral conversation. Tigers defensive lineman Christian Wilkins was caught doing a “striptease”-type performance for one of the attendees and all of it was caught on camera for the world to see.  Setting aside this risky business, the team ended up raising $350,000 for cancer research.
  5. Ohio State
    • Football players and basketball players at Ohio State were tweeting “#SetTheExpectation” after sexual violence advocate Brenda Tracy made a visit to talk about her experience with rape. Her goal was to make sure college athletes understand and do not tolerate any acts of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and other similar actions.  Players were touched by her story and decided to spread her message with their platforms of influence.
  6. UCF
    • Head Coach Scott Frost has recently left for the Nebraska team, but new coach Josh Huepel gains a roster with many of the same star athletes from the 2017 season in which UCF went 13-0, had a Peach Bowl win and AAC Championship. The Knights have been preselected to win this year’s AAC championship as well with quarterback McKenzie Milton leading them to victory.
  7. Wisconsin
    • Former star running-back Montee Ball finally finished out his probation and is moving on to the next stages of his life.  He is not going back to football, however, as he is aware of the temptations that come along with the sport (alcohol) and does not want to disrupt his life even further.  Over his two years of play, he totaled 3,753 rushing yards and 61 touchdowns and was a second-round pick in 2013.  Maybe Wisconsin should put more pressure on staying away from too much partying and alcohol to keep their players focused on their future football careers…
  8. Penn State
    • With Penn State’s team losing two key figures coming into the 2018 season, it is hard to say if they will be able to recover. Offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead has left the team to be the head coach at Mississippi State, and running back Saquon Barkley was just a top pick in the recent NFL draft.  Head coach James Franklin stays positive throughout this recent drawback and remains confident that the team will play to their potential.
  9. TCU
    • In 2017, TCU fell short of winning it’s first Big 12 Title in a major upset to Iowa State even though they led the conference in defensive stats for the season. This year, head coach Gary Patterson wishes to do exactly the opposite.  The Frogs are definitely a favorite to win the big 12 this year with their 11 wins from last season, and only time will tell if a national championship is in their future as well!
  10. Auburn
    • Auburn’s junior defensive tackle was added to the watch list for the Wuerffel Trophy—an honor only 106 players receive.  The Wuerffel Trophy is one of college football’s most prestigious community service awards and is awarded annually to the FBS player that shows great athleticism while also performing outstanding community service and high academic achievement.  Derrick Brown was also named to the Nagurski and Outland Trophy watch lists as well and proves to be a great addition to the Auburn team as a whole.  Keep a lookout for him in the upcoming season!
  11. Notre Dame
    • After sending running back Josh Adams to the NFL, a new player will have big shoes to fill this 2017 season. The running back sport will be a prime position battle during the preseason and the decision on who will step up will definitely shape the team’s gameplay as a whole.  And considering the fact that most potential replacements don’t have a lot of experience in a regular season NCAA, it is not looking too promising for the Leprechauns.
  12. USC
    • Bryce Young, 5-Star QB Prospect commits to USC over Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State and more. According to 247sports, this player is ranked as No. 1 dual-threat quarterback in the country and No. 24 player overall.  This new addition to the team could make a huge impact on future team success and gameplay.
  13. Miami
    • Miami Hurricanes are projected to win all 12 of their 2018 games. Mark Richt, former Miami backup QB, has brought a new level of intensity and motivation to the team this year, and the outlook for their season is looking quite promising.  Miami definitely shouldn’t be overlooked as they are a major threat in the upcoming 2018 season.
  14. Oklahoma State
    • Dru Brown, the starting quarterback at Hawaii for the past two seasons, is coming to OSU on Sunday, July 29th. Brown is to start camp with his teammates the following Thursday along with incoming freshman Spencer Sanders and fifth-year senior Taylor Cornelius.  These new additions to the team this year will definitely be an asset to Mike Gundy (head coach) when sculpting a great, winning team.
  15. Michigan State
    • Head coach Mark Dantonio was just recently ridiculed over national media by Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd on their talk show on FOX Sports 1.  Many things were said about the team in general, most directly towards coaching strategy (or lack thereof).  They also said that Michigan State’s recruiting was “in the tank” and made sure to mispronounce Dantonio’s name.  Although this was probably the most respectful approach, they might be right in what they say and we’ll just have to wait and see what the team is capable of.
  16. Washington
    • Cameron Williams was recently recruited to the Huskies as a Four-Star ATH from Bakersfield, California.  Jimmy Lake has built up his status as one of the best recruiters in the country by getting Williams to back out of his previous commit to Oregon in order to attend UW.  Washington seems to be putting up a great defensive back class and there is a lot of potential for success in the coming season-- I wouldn’t overlook them.
  17. Northwestern
    • If the Wildcats want to even have a chance at being a threat this season in the Big Ten, Clayton Thorson needs to be on the field. After losing Justin Jackson, the schools all-time leading rusher, there is a lot of concern defensive-wise for quarterback Thorson who just recently recovered from a torn ACL last December.  The team definitely took a loss transitioning from last season to this next season and who’s to say they’ll be able to recover?
  18. LSU
    • LSU’s defensive coordinator is taking notes at the Saints Camp for the upcoming season. Learning new strategies and plays can only be beneficial starting off their fall season.  Dave Aranda is an asset to LSU’s team and we should keep a lookup for new scheme and linebacker play from players in 2018.
  19. Mississippi State
    • Kyziah Pruitt decided to stay home and play for Mississippi as a Wide Receiver. He ranks as No. 19 player in the state and No. 529 nationally.  He is 5-foot-11 and 185 pounds, and should fit into the team’s lineup quite nicely. He turned down offers from Memphis, Southern Miss, Indiana and others to be the 2nd wide receiver of the recruiting class of 2018.  Definitely a player to look out for in the following years.
  20. Stanford
    • J. Costello, Stanford quarterback, is back in action this upcoming season as he returns from his recent hip surgery. Costello completed 58.8 percent of his passes for 1,573 yards last season and threw 14 touchdown passes.  His return to play is essential for the performance of the team in the fall and as long as he continues to perform the way he has; Stanford is looking pretty good.
  21. South Florida
    • Quarterback Quinton Flowers has been the starting quarterback for the Bulls since November 28th, 2014 and since he has moved on to the NFL, the Bulls will have big shoes to fill this upcoming season. Who’s to say they’ll be able to perform to the same standard without their star quarterback?  Only time will tell.
  22. Boise State
    • In preseason rankings, Boise State proves to be a fan favorite and is ranked to be a Top 20 team in 2018. With many key returning players, they have the potential to return as a major threat in the Fall season.  Only one defensive starter is being lost from the lineup and with quarterback Brett Rypien, the Broncos are sure to be a major threat to their competitors this year.
  23. NC State
    • NC State has 6 offensive starters returning, while losing 5 and 3 Defensive starters returning, while losing 8. The team is going to need to rebuild their defensive line big-time in order to even stand a chance against other teams.  Their quarterback, Finley, still proves to be one of the best in the county, but with a weak defense, who’s to say he’ll be able to really make use of his talent?
  24. Virginia Tech
    • A very early Sports Illustrated Top 25 was released recently and had Virginia Tech as No. 10 for 2018 which is great motivation to start to the Hokies’ preseason workouts.  Their quarterback, incoming sophomore Josh Jackson, is said to be a key reason for such a high ranking in 2018.  Finishing No.24 last season and being ranked No.10 this upcoming season is a large jump, and hopefully the Hokies can meet their high expectations and maybe even surpass them.
  25. Memphis
    • Three of Memphis’s players were named to the watch lists of preseason awards as the 2018 football season is rapidly approaching. All three of these players had an outstanding season last year and are expected to remain key players this season as well.  With the loss of Anthony Miller, a very talented wide receiver that recently just graduated from Memphis, the team will have to mold to fill his position and continue on without him this year.

So, what teams do you think will come out on top?  Use your skill and knowledge of the game to compete in a game like no other.  Finally, a league for college football has finally arrived!  Don't miss out on a thrilling and truly amazing experience with SCRAMBLE: College Football Edition.  Coming soon...