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The Prestigious Hopper Trophy

2018 will mark the third year that football fans are playing and enjoying Scramble Pro.

In 2016, Scramble was just an idea being tested by six friends to see how much fun it would be.  After a few weeks of the regular season, it was unanimous that Scramble was the most fun office football pool game that existed, and the creator made two decisions.  One, launch Double Drive Sports...a site to host fan-based pool games that are simply the most fun, strategic, and most social games around. And two, he would offer a trophy to the season-long winner every year.  The trophy would have a wooden base and support a ceramic frog figure...a metaphor for the company's future expansion and growth, much like the transformation of a tadpole into a fully grown adult frog. And the frog was goofy looking, to represent the culture of Double Drive Sports...after all, we create games and have fun doing it.

We call it the Hopper Trophy.

In that test year of 2016, J. Saroken won rather handily having scored a number of points in the early weeks and then swapping to a "catch-me-if-you-can" conservative game plan for the second half.  In 2017, he almost won again, but this time was challenged by a crowd of several hundred people on the 1st gen version of the game. However, he was unable to catch M. Farrell who played brilliantly and aggressively and completed week 17 with a 8-point edge.

Congratulations to both of them.

Double Drive Sports would like to welcome everyone to play in our Annual Hopper Trophy League, and take your shot at adding your name to list of champions.  There is NO cost to play in the league... you are our guests and we are excited to have you try our game for FREE. Scramble is a blast! 96% of people who play love it; we know you will too. And we will be delighted to send out the third Hopper Trophy to a new winner after the 17 week season is complete... Assuming you can beat the guys who played before you, because they will be back.

Good luck, and let the games begin!