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It's Back-To-Pool Season Again...

School is back in session, leaves are changing colors, and another season of football is rapidly approaching.  As you cover up the pool outside, you make way for your annual football pools to begin and prosper.  It's that time of year again.

Football fans are settling back into their competitive mindset as the NFL wraps up the first full week of preseason games.  Excitement fills the air during this wonderful time of year as young men and women come to realize their life-long dreams.  Among these, there have always been exceptional athletes-- some being the star of the gridiron.  But the excitement, the nerves and the pulse of this new SCRAMBLE opportunity catches even the most experienced pool  player by surprise.

It is a starting point.  An opportunity.  A chance.  Every game will come down to that one catch, drop, tackle or football always does.  And every game matters.  With only 16 games in a pro season, every whistle-blow is critical, and because such an enormous percentage of games are decided by a field goal or less... each play is detrimental.

That's why we love football.  That's why office football pools are so popular and your coworkers get so excited year-to-year.  It's not about the bragging rights for basically predicting the future, (okay, maybe it is), but it's also a great way to gather up your friends, family and colleagues for some fun.

Pro and College Scramble take this to the next level.  Double Drive Sports has designed a new football pool game for every fan.  To play, you pick 2 to 4 games per week and select how much you're willing to risk for a reward.  But not everyone picks the same games, the same side of a game, or same amount of points to throw on a game... so the possible results of each pool are endless.

It's simpler than fantasy, yet more strategic than pick 'em, and it's season long.  Unlike survivor leagues, when you have a bad week at Scramble... you can scramble your way out of the doghouse in the weeks to come.  The graphics are amazing and there is even a coach who walks you through how to play... which you can disable once you get the hang of it.  Anyone who has played in a Scramble league before will tell makes the weekend a blast. It's no wonder so many "Scramble Sunday" parties were hosted last year.

It's Back-to-Pool season-- a starting point for new players, for every pro and college team, and for all of the fans who wish to have an even greater football experience this year.  Visit and sign up to host a Scramble league.

Watch the live scoreboard, chat with your friends and HAVE A BLAST.  We know you will.